It’s Time to Choose

I know which side I’m on. Thank you Lord!

Adventures of a Peachy Georgia Girl...

I was laying in bed last night, pondering the condition of our country.  I remembered how after the 9/11 attacks, Americans flooded into churches and pulled together and called on God… for a couple of weeks.  Then I thought about how just recently, the shootings in Charleston drew attention to God and forgiveness and people of faith… for a couple of days.  And now, we are seeing one video after another being released (as of today, 4 videos have been released) that shows Planned Parenthood management discussing the prices for various organs and parts of aborted babies.


America – will you wake up to this evil that you have embraced?  Regardless of your political views or how you believe women need access to “safe, legal and rare abortion” – LOOK WITH YOUR EYES!!  Don’t you dare look away!   [ARTICLE: Looking Away from Abortion]

God is calling us.  We have a choice…

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