We’re made to Love God!

Have you ever allowed yourself to be lost in the wonder of God’s creation? For me, it’s in the flowers and nature. I see God in those things. In a snapdragon flower, I see two big dragon eyes right in the middle of that bud! Who, but God, could ever create something so breathtaking? I have to think ‘what was God thinking when He created this flower’. It’s amazing when we’re able to see details such as this. I have picked up nature photography and it’s allowed me to see how perfectly God has created every living thing. The tiny airbrush strokes on the face of a pansy, painted by the finger of God. He is the creator of every living thing! I believe we will spend eternity in a state of euphoria observing all of God’s majestic creation in heaven!
I’m currently reading the book ‘Heaven’ by Randy Alcorn. Along with the Bible, this book has made such an enormous impact on my spiritual journey with the Lord. Of all the promises God has made to His children, I believe that we have no idea of the profound love He has for us. This book has opened my eyes and the door of my heart to receive, and absorb for that matter, promises of the glorious eternity He has prepared for each one of us. It’s hard to fathom what our lives will be like when we step over into eternity.

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